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With ClearView CRM, your team will spend less time locating, validating and cross-referencing data and more time identifying, analyzing and acting on trends and opportunities.

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ClearView CRM Clients

Our clients say

"Great software.
The system has been great for tracking interactions with participants. Being able to see who and when each person was last contacted has been valuable in streamlining interactions."
Manager of Fundraising & Development
ClearView CRM Client
"ClearView CRM improved how we operate and professionalized our contact with donors.
The need to have everything in one system with complex security to ensure confidentiality is a must and ClearView CRM delivers on all points."
Director of Information Technology Applications
ClearView CRM Client
"Comprehensive Donor Database.
We like that we are able to store all of our necessary donor data in one system and that it is very intuitive and
Donor Database Manager
ClearView CRM Client
"ClearView helps me accurately track and manage my donor data in a user-friendly manner.
I love that everything is so easy to manage, and the reports I can create are thorough and detailed. It is very customizable to what we need."
Volunteer Manager
ClearView CRM Client

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